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STOP! Do Not Enter a Flooded Basement

If you arrive home, and go down to the basement and see it is flooded, stop, do not enter. The main thing to do is the make sure the power sources have been cut off. The reason for this is because anything that has been plugged up and sitting underwater, could cause harmful electrocution to anyone who might enter. Once the power has been shut off, call SERVPRO to remove the water safely!

Local Shoe Store's Sewage Damage

A local shoe store called us for help with a sewage backup. The damage went from the employee bathroom all the way onto the sales floor. We came quickly to get the clean-up process started so there was not any further damage. 

School's Water Fountain Causes Water Damage

A water fountain in the school's hallway busted and caused water to travel into many different offices and classrooms. The water got up under the floors and the baseboards. We detached the baseboards and drilled holes in the wall to help with the drying process. 

A Tree Through the Roof Causes Major Damage

A strong storm moved through the neighborhood of this home. A tree fell on the roof and caused it to cave in. Water poured into the home, causing major water and mold damage throughout. 

Storm Takes Roof of Cullman, AL Home

This home suffered great damage due to a storm. The entire roof was taken off and caused water and other debris to get inside the house. A damaged roof can cause water to easily get in and cause the walls, ceilings, and floors to absorb water. 

Hurricane Damage Can Be Extensive

This home suffered damage from a hurricane. The water rose very high into the structure, and affected floors, walls, and ceilings. Our crews went in and removed all of the wet materials in order to start the drying process. 

A Leaky Shower Can Cause Issues

In this home, a shower in the bathroom had been slowly leaking over time. The subfloor underneath the shower was so wet that it started to fall in, and mold started forming. Our crews went into this home and took out the shower, and subfloor in order to start the mitigation process. 

SERVPRO of Cullman/Blount Counties to the Rescue!

This home, unfortunately, suffered a great fire loss that started in the bathroom. The bathroom took the brunt of most of the damage, but there is smoke and soot damage throughout the home.

Fore!!! 2021 Golf Tournament

Our annual golf tournament went on without a hitch! It was a gorgeous fall day, with perfect weather. We had several different insurance agents and adjusters come play with us. The winners of this tournament was Team Russellville, Hamilton and Fayette!! We can't wait for next year! 

Floor Cupping

Hardwood floors can become damaged quickly if water is not extracted as soon as possible. This home had hardwood floors that started cupping due to water damage. We used a ruler to show the uneven parts of the floors to insurance adjusters to make sure that the floors would be covered under an insurance claim. 

Here to Help Our Community

One of the local schools discovered some mold in a few classrooms, and called on us on to get it remediated. A third party company was called in to do mold and air quality testing in order to put together a protocol for us to follow as we clean. There is no job too big or too small for us to handle. 

In Place Drying in Cullman

In some cases, when the flooring of a home or business does not need to come up, we use a system called "in place drying". In this photo, you see the Injectidry on the floor that has tiny tubes that go into the flooring, without hurting it, which helps the drying process

Getting Creative With Containment

Sometimes, a job may call for setting up containment. We set containment on water damages in order to seal off the affected area in order for it to dry quicker, without having to pull up flooring. We also use an in place drying system called injectidry, that allows us to dry the floors down to the subfloor.

Top Notch Technicians

Our Restoration Technicians are highly trained and able to tackle any kind of job. In this job, pigeons had gotten into the ceiling tiles of this business and had made a huge mess. We went and took down all the old ceiling tiles and wiped down where the mess was made. We made it "Like it never even happened."

Strawberry Festival 2021

We participated in the Strawberry Festival at Depot Park in Cullman. We met hundreds of people and were able to educate some about what services we provide. We gave out lots of SWAG items and hope that our community knows we are here to help!

Our Technicians Take the Time to Do it Right

Our highly trained technicians are ready for the call, and treat your home or business with the utmost respect and care. Our technicians take the time to do it right and to make sure the job is done correctly. 

Call Center Water Damage in Cullman

A call center in Cullman suffered a water damage from a busted supply line in one of their restrooms. Our crews were able to get there quickly to remove the water, and all wet materials. No job is too big or too small for us!

Frozen, Busted Pipes? We Can Help!

With this round of winter weather, we have received several calls with homes and businesses seeing the effects of frozen pipes that have burst and caused significant water damage. This image is from a large manufacturing plant that had an overhead pipe burst. 

Microbial Growth Can Be Found Anywhere

While cleaning out a home that has suffered a water damage, we came across a lot of microbial growth in their basement. There was one bathroom that after inspecting we couldn't see the growth very well, but once we removed the vanity we saw what had been hiding behind it in the bathroom.

Checking for Water After a Storm

After a major storm hits, whether it be a hurricane or tornado, our crew is there to check the ins and outs of your home to make sure that no water has been able to sneak in and cause damage. We will look in the attic, basement, crawlspace, you name it!

Commercial Water Damages Are No Match For Us

There is so commercial job that is too big or too small for us to handle. This photo is from a commercial job in Russellville, AL. The building suffered a small fire, which lead to the sprinklers being set off and causing water damage all throughout the building.

Here to Help

Did you know that we are available 24/7/365? We have emergency crews readily available for your call. We are able to handle any job, no matter how big or small. We are here to help you!


Our owner, Greg Hendon, was able to take some time out of his busy schedule to give us some more training. This time it was on "Drying 101". He was explaining why we do the things we do, and how we do them. It was great getting everyone together and getting to learn more!

Super Equipment

This is some of the equipment we use daily in some of our jobs. The equipment pictured are dehus and air movers. These are used during water damages. We are always stocked with equipment and ready for any call!

Our Warehouse

This is a photo of our warehouse. We keep all of our equipment stored here as well as do rug cleanings. We are also able to store customer's belongings while we are cleaning their home. 

Containment In Marion County

With every mold job we encounter, we typically always have to put up a containment barrier. The containment barrier is meant to keep all of the mold spores out of the non contaminated areas. This is very beneficial to the health of not only the homeowner, but also, to everyone working on site. 

Water Damage In Under Ground Storm Shelter

We encounter multiple water damaged that requires our assistance. This particular water damage needed the water to be pumped out of space, as well as, equipment set for drying. This jobs cause of loss happened to be excessive rain and structure issues.

Affected Hardwood

Do you know what hardwood looks like if there is water damage under it? This image is a perfect example of water damage to wood flooring. This water damage was due to a refrigerator supply line busting and forming a slow leak.

Microbial Growth After a Storm

This was the aftermath of a water coming into the home and into the walls of a kitchen after a storm. The cabinets were hiding the growth that was formed from the leak coming from the damaged roof. We make disasters like this "Like it never even happened."

Helpful Tips After A Fire

The effectiveness of medication can be destroyed by high temperatures from a fire. If you think your medicines have been exposed to excessive heat, consider replacing them or call your physician to explain the situation. Do not take the risk of potentially harmful side effects.

Microwaves Can Catch On Fire!

This was the aftermath of a microwave catching on fire. The homeowner was simply heating up lunch and walked into another room to do something. What the homeowner came back to was a fire that had managed to carry soot all throughout his entire home. Luckily most of the walls were able to be cleaned and did not require that any dry wall be torn out.

Bookstore Water Damage

We had a water damage in a book store in Cullman, Alabama. The phrase "the show must go on", was the concept for this job. This is a pictured of the affected portion of the floor near the checkout area.

Containment In A Bookstore

We had a water damage in a book store in Cullman, Alabama. The phrase "the show must go on", was the concept for this job. The store was determined to stay open so we contained the affected area and kept working!

Closed Down Chevron

This is the basement of a closed down Chevron gas station. The original owner passed away and it had to be shut down. The foundation was in need of repairs so the basement would hold water every time it rained. This is a picture of what it looked like BEFORE we made it look it never even happened!

Crawlspace Growth In Fayette

We get many calls asking about crawlspace moisture barriers and growth. In this case, the joists had growth on them and it needed to be re-mediated. If you need your crawlspace inspected just call SERVPRO!

Basement Microbial Growth

This was the aftermath of a unknown leak within the walls of a home. No one ever used the basement so they did not know it was this bad until we came to help them. If you will notice the growth hidden behind the storage boxes.

A Damaged Roof Could Mean Water Inside Your Home

A storm had rolled through the area where this home was, and caused major damage to the windows and roof. Water had been slowly running down the walls and causing mold growth over time.

Cause Of Loss In Russellville

We encounter many fire damages, all that have a variety of loss causes. The cause of loss is the reason behind the fire that started in your kitchen. This particular cause of loss happened to be the stove.

Charred Kitchen Framing

This was the aftermath of a severe kitchen fire that the fire department had to assist in putting out. We now not only had a fire damage damage, but a water damage also. The severity of this damage was so great that it charred some of the kitchen framing.

Hamilton Soot Damage

This was the aftermath of a small kitchen fire that caused the smoke to rise & move down the hallway. Once it traveled down the hallway it hit the master bedroom & made what we like to call "soot webs" near the ceiling. 

Cause Of Loss

We encounter multiple water damages, all that have a variety of loss causes. The cause of loss is the reason behind the standing water in your mud room. This particular cause of loss happened to be the washing machine.