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Mold & Mildew: What's The Difference?

1/19/2023 (Permalink)

The thought of finding mold in your home or business can be quite frightening, especially when you’re unsure how to get rid of it. Mildew and molds are fungi - simple microscopic organisms that thrive anywhere there is a moist environment. This will make it difficult to be able to get rid of it on your own.

Mildew (which is mold in early stage) and molds grow on wood, ceiling tiles, cardboard, wallpaper, carpets, drywall, fabric, plants, foods, insulation, decaying leaves and other organic materials. Mold growths (also known as "colonies") can start growing on a damp surface within 24 to 48 hours. They reproduce by spores - tiny, lightweight “seeds”- that travel through the air.

 Mold can digest organic material, eventually destroying the material that they are growing on, and then spread to destroy adjacent organic material. In addition to the damage molds can cause in your home, they can also cause mild to severe health effects if left untreated.

If you or someone you know has discovered growth in their home or business, give us a call! We are always here to help. 

Uninvited Guest

7/22/2022 (Permalink)

Imagine going on a trip of a lifetime for a week only to come home to find your furniture
floating in water. When you left, everything was in its proper place and all areas were clean.
Three days into your trip, an unwanted guest shows up…a broken toilet supply line. The next
two days he feels the freedom to eat your snacks, drink your tea, sit on all the furniture, and
sleep on your beds. This is no way to end a vacation. SERVPRO has water mitigation experts
standing by 24/7/365, ready to evict this type of guest. We have the appropriate equipment to
extract all of that water and dry all your things so you can restore your home to the peaceful
place it was before you left. Our team is certified in water mitigation. The standards we use
are adopted industry-wide by all the major insurance companies. We know what's expected
and what is needed to get the job done. So, when an uninvited guest shows up at your
house, call SERVPRO of Cullman, the eviction team that's “Faster To Any Sized Disaster”.

Hope in Tragedy

7/22/2022 (Permalink)

As humans, we experience tragedy and loss on a daily basis. We watch as those around us
deal with some sort of catastrophe. As much as we are there for someone for their loss,
nothing ever quite prepares us for when WE are the ones experiencing it. A fire brings
warmth and comfort, but when not controlled it brings chaos, danger and even damage. One
minute you're sitting around the table with family and the next you're literally watching all the
memories you've cherished over the years be covered with smoke and soot. Thankfully, this
doesn't have to be how the story ends. At SERVPRO, while we deal with people during their
most trying times, we have a unique opportunity to step in when needed and bring what was
thought to be “dead”, back to life. Our company has unique ways of cleaning what would
typically be seen as impossible to clean. From the wide range of SERVPRO made products and
a skilled and trained staff, we are poised to help you in your time of need. We take pride in
salvaging what some would deem as impossible to clean or save. As the premiere fire
remediation company, we are ready to serve you, whatever the damage. Not all heroes wear
capes, ours just happen to wear green.

Time is of the Essence

7/22/2022 (Permalink)

In business, you always have to have a plan. You plan budgets, you plan schedules, you plan
responsibilities for your workers, and the list goes on and on. What happens, though, when
things don't go according to your plan? You receive a call at 6 am when the janitor shows up
and water is pouring in through the roof and flooding area after area of your business. We
know in business, time is of the essence and as the old saying goes, “time is money”. That's
why at SERVPRO of Cullman, we are “Ready for Whatever Happens”. While you may not have
planned for that roof leak, rest assured that we have a plan already in place that will help your
business get back up on its feet and you back to work. Our trained and dedicated staff are
standby 24/7/365 just in case you need us. So when that unexpected disaster strikes, call on
SERVPRO of Cullman to issue the counterstrike you need to be back in business.

Ready Plan

7/22/2022 (Permalink)

When it comes to disasters, I'm as guilty as the next when it comes to passing it off as
something that happens to everyone else. I go about my everyday life feeling as though I'm
bullet proof. And then BAM! The next thing I know life dealt me a blindsided left hook that I
wasn't expecting. In our lives, there are things we can do to build inner strength to help
minimize the damage such a left hook could leave. We turn to our foundations in our faith, we
turn to family, and we turn to those relationships we've cultivated for years to walk with us
through those times. Now, how does that template fit on your biggest asset, your business.
No one ever plans to wake up and find that their business is under water from a busted
supply line. No one goes to bed wondering, “is this the night a fire starts in my warehouse?”.
That's where SERVPRO of Cullman comes in. We can give you a foundational tool that can
specifically help in such a time as mentioned above. We have an Emergency Ready Plan
that is customizable to your specific needs in order to minimize the damage of that
unexpected catastrophe. All of your emergency shutoffs and contacts all at your fingertips
that can be accessed in seconds. It's inevitable that life is going deal unexpected blows, but
that doesn't mean you can't have a plan in place to counter it's devastating punch. Contact
your SERVPRO of Cullman rep today and find out how you can get this free resource delivered
to the palm of your hand.

Commercial ERP

6/29/2022 (Permalink)

Years ago, SERVPRO began to research the affects that a major fire or water loss can have on a
commercial business. The numbers found were staggering. It is estimated that over 50% of
businesses that sustain a major fire or flood lose so much revenue during shutdown that they
don't have the finances to reopen, and that's with loss of revenue insurance. What if I told
you that your local SERVPRO had a way to help you be ready PRIOR to such an event. Your
dedicated SERVPRO rep can build a profile of your business that helps identify and locate all
your major shutoff valves, whether that be an electric panel, a water main, or even a sprinkler
system. By knowing where to find these, when that even occurs, you can quickly shut down
the source and minimize the damage to your commercial business. The cherry on top to all of
this is that it's all in the palm of your hand in your phone whenever you need it on the SERVPRO
Ready App. This app will have all your basic property info, locations and pictures of all your
major shutoffs, as well as any significant contacts you may need in such a crisis. Now,
instead of relying on memory, you have all the key info right in your hip pocket. Contact your
local SERVPRO of Cullman rep today and let him have you disaster ready!

Storm Team

6/29/2022 (Permalink)

Living in the southeast has incredible benefits; amazing food, amazing scenery, and the
hospitable people on the planet. But with all those great things comes the challenge of strong
storms during the spring and early summer months. In my short 43 years on this earth, I've
see some of the worst. When disaster like that strikes, it's reassuring to know that you have a
company you can call on that is
“Faster To Any Size Disaster”. At SERVPRO, no job is too big and no job is too small. It's
inevitable that disaster will strike, we just never know when. We are a team of dedicated
professionals that are ready 24/7 365 days out of the year. One of the added benefits to a
company like SERVPRO is the way we coordinate with other SERVPRO franchises surrounding us.
You see, we are a team, so when I say no job is too big, I mean that. We can have boots
from other areas on the ground right here in Cullman to help us get your home or business
cleaned up and back in working condition. With a dedicated corporate entity that can supply
us with however much equipment we need, we are truly ready for whatever comes. We love
our community and we don't ever wish disaster on it, but when it DOES strike, we are right
there with you putting the pieces back together.

How our Storm team Travels

6/29/2022 (Permalink)

I can remember my first year working with SERVPRO as if it were yesterday. I was brand new to
the industry. While I was familiar with the SERVPRO brand, I did not know what all that entailed.
Within a short 3 or 4 month span, I was about to see one of the most heart wrenching events
take place, and that was the Nashville flood. I can remember our SERVPRO owner mobilizing
us to connect with the other teams around Nashville to help mitigate all the losses,
commercial and residential. It was surreal riding down the streets of downtown seeing where
water had not receded and downtown blocks still under water. The Cumberland river
wreaked havoc on downtown Nashville and many of the surrounding neighborhoods. In all of
that damage, I got to see the greatest restoration company work together, teaming up
franchises from all parts of the United States to help that community put their lives back
together. That's what you get when SERVPRO assembles for a massive storm event,
cooperation and team work. Although, we don't wish disaster on any community, we are
honored when allowed to serve and help clean up. That couldn't happen if multiple SERVPRO
franchises didn't come together, as a team, to get the job done. So, if a storm does damage
to your area and you see those green fleets come rolling in from all over the United States,
you can rest assured they are a team with the same goal….to get your property back where it
needs to be so you can move forward with your life and business.

The Science of Mitigaton

6/29/2022 (Permalink)

When mitigating a water damage in a home or business, the average person doesn't really
think about the science involved when determining the most effective way to dry materials.
The fact is, it's all science. SERVPRO of Cullman has the tools to not only determine what
materials sustained water damage, we also have a program that tracks down the exact
number of air movers and dehumidifiers needed in order to dry your structure in a timely
manner. Time is of the essence to prevent secondary damage, so a proper plan is a MUST.
When you contact SERVPRO of Cullman, you can rest assured that every step we take will be
validated according to established industry standards, as well as approved by your insurance
adjuster. The science is just THAT important to us because your property is important to you
and we want to take the best care of it that we can. Backed by IICRC industry standards, we
have the science needed to get your structure back to normal and you back to the more
important things in life.

Insurance Relationships During a Storm Event

6/29/2022 (Permalink)

Anytime someone is dealing with a major storm event that turns their life upside down, it can
be unsettling enough by itself. Then comes the cleanup. So, how do you know who to trust?
That is where national and local relationships can help. Whether it's your local SERVPRO sales
rep making monthly visits to your local insurance agents and adjusters, or members of our
corporate sales team building bridges with the corporate arms of insurance, know that
SERVPRO works tirelessly to earn the trust of those companies we do work for. We understand
the expectations of these companies when mitigating a loss during a storm. By having built a
foundation of understanding prior to a major event, there is a level of trust that can assure you
that all parties have your best interest at heart. SERVPRO has spent years becoming a
preferred service provider on many of these insurance programs and we work as hard as
needed to maintain those relationships. This is important in a major crisis because it lets you
know that we, along with your insurance company, are committed to doing what needs to be
done to get you back on your feet.